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Android OS: Booming OS in Mobile Market

android-app-developmentIn this mobile technology there are lot of operating system available but among them Android has successfully make a good position. Basically android is Linux based mobile operating system and later on owned by Google Inc.   Android is one of the reasons behind the booming of mobile technology market. Before Android technology mobile is just for communication medium, but after this technology mobile can do lots of work similar to computer.

No doubt Apple’s iPhone is more adored smart phone, but Android OS based mobile phone more used. Android OS comes with various versions and it’s totally free. Currently Jelly Bean is in market and become hot demand as well. Android has a wide range of features that can tangible and intangible benefits to you. Also this system used by many small and giant business companies as well.  There are lots of Android Applications available. You can download Android Apps from Google App Store easily to your mobile. Google App Store is a huge market for Android Applications. You can easily download amazing, creative and helpful applications.

custom_android_Apps_developmentDue to the thriving of Android and Android Apps, the market of Android apps development service is also booming. Many companies offer Android application development services. Custom apps development services add more functionality in the market of apps development.   Now a day’s many business and organization start developing android apps for gaining more customer. They can deliver their services through applications. Many users attract to this type of technique and use services through their Android device.

For developing custom Android apps, many reputed and professional companies available around the globe. But you may choose expert and real company for android application development services.  Before choosing professional company, some basic steps you need to keep in mind.

Not only for business or organization, this technology is helpful for many other fields as well. As per current scenario of Android technology, there is no doubt that this technology became a very huge in coming days.


Custom Android Apps Development – Increase Your Business Revenue

custom_android_Apps_developmentFor a multifunction Smart phone, an operating system requires that can enable a smart phone to work different functions. For that many smart phone operating systems and platforms are available like Symbian, Bada OS, iOS, Android, JAVA etc. Among them Android is become very hot trend now a days in Smart Phone area.

Basically android is an operating system based on Linux with a Java programming interface. To develop an application Android Software Development Kit provides all basic tools, with compiler, debugger and a device emulator. Android also supports 2D and 3D graphics user interface, which makes outstanding applications. This technology is developed by Android Inc, which later on bought by Google in 2005. Google produce Android applications through its online play store. As android is open source many android developers can able to develop fancy and attractive application for mobile.

There are many software companies; organizations and freelance developers offer android application development services. As android is an open source platform, no require much more investment for developing android application. Also Google play store is available to promote your application worldwide. As per news there are 200 millions android users are available around the globe. It simply means that you can directly reach many android users easily.

Through this open source technology, you can develop your own or custom application for your smart phone or for any android device. For that you have to hire professional android apps developer through trusted company. The skilled and talented android application developers are able to develop custom application as per your need within time frame. Once your application develops, you can promote it through various websites and through direct marketing also. For promoting Android apps, Google play store is one of the best options.

The newer version of Android platform is coming in marketing. This technology is not only use for only gaming or for fun. But this technology is used for many businesses to provide their services easily to the customer.

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