PhoneGap: All in One Platform for Application Development

Different types of mobile operating system provide great functionality to mobile users. Same like OS, different types of applications, transform your mobile phone into another level of smart phone. Lots of applications with amazing functionality can change your life and make your daily life smooth.

Now days, developers looking for easy coding facility that can runs everywhere and help them to save their time. Android and iOS are two popular operating system and currently in demand. Application for these both operating systems also hit the market. You need separate developer for android and iOS apps development. To overcome this problem phonegap is introduced.

Phonegap is free and open source framework which allows you to build mobile applications using the presented web technologies like HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The core concept of phonegap is to develop application for iOS and Android platform using one framework.

Advantages of PhoneGap
  • Using phonegap, you not need any high level programming language.
  • Phonegap supports all major platforms.
  • Support for various API’s
  • You just write one code, make few changes and can be use for another platform as well. This can decrease development time.
  • Phonegap has a very strong backend system, which enables developers to create application at a very good speed.
  • It comes with javascript connection and allows javascript API to access and control the device, which means rapid application development possible with this platform.

To gain all the above advantages of phonegap for your business application, you need phonegap application Development Company. Which can provides phonegap apps development service with ease. You can also hire phonegap app developers for application development and solutions.

This open source framework is success if you have proper expertise level for phonegap application development. Though phonegap have very good community supports, which can help developers to build successful application for more than one platform.

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