PhoneGap Apps Development: All in One Pack for Apps Development

PhoneGap Application DevelopmentNow a day’s mobile technology is become hot trend in every sector. Many businesses and organizations want to develop applications, not only for single mobile OS but for all most all popular mobile operating system. Whether its iOS or Android. Generally they want iPhone apps and Android Apps, as these are the biggest mobile OS and also very popular.

Developing applications for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Windows require different frameworks and languages. To solve this problem PhoneGap introduced. It’s an open source framework for developing cross platform mobile apps using HTML5, JavaScript and CSS.

The main advantage of this platform is developer can develop apps for iPhone, Android or Windows using single platform. No need separate platform for developing applications for other OS. PhoneGap applications can be built and developed like the native applications.  This platform is appropriate for creating apps across a wide range of mobile platforms like including the Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Symbian and the Palm Os.

PhoneGap mobile applications are able to interact with mobile device hardware, such as Accelerometer or GPS. You can download PhoneGap framework from its office website and install easily in your computer. After installation, you can see a separate folder for each of the platforms. Folders like Phonegap-android, Phonegap-blackberry, Phonegap-iphone, Phonegap-palm, Phonegap-symbian.wrt etc. Also PhoneGap has default applications which can be used to show the power of the SDK.

The interface for PhoneGap applications is created using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The UI layer of a PhoneGap application is a web browser view that takes up 100% of the device width and 100% of the device height.

Advantages of PhoneGap: –

  • Hybrid applications can be developed using native functionalities
  • PhoneGap support cross platform apps development
  • Re-usability of code, you can reuse code while developing apps for any OS.
  • You can get instant help from PhoneGap forums/community for any of the queries.
  • Rich User Interface (UI) web technologies
  • Not required any hard programming language.
  • PhoneGap support for various API’s as well.

In short PhoneGap is full of box for developing apps not for just one OS but for more. For quickly apps development for more than one OS, PhoneGap is the best option.


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